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The 8th International Conference on Traditional Forest Knowledge and Culture in Asia

The topic of the 8th conference was selected to rediscover and explore traditional forest related knowledge and culture in relation to protection of culture and biodiversity and landscape management. Culture activities and tourism industry based on forests have been developed in Asia, in particular in East Asian countries, and provided many benefits to the local residences and tourists. The conservation and development of biodiversity and cultural values and local community participation is essential for the development of forest culture. The appreciation of rural areas is related not only to intrinsic environmental qualities but also to perceptions about the identity of a place provided by the quality of its landscape. The sense of identity of a place is created by economic, social and cultural aspects through time and space, and it is comprised of meanings often associated with specific landscapes features. The preservation of such features contributes towards higher quality of life for local populations through material and immaterial means. These features often improve livelihoods, fulfilling their recreational, emotional and spiritual needs, and their sense of identity, while contributing to local economies by attracting visitors seeking the aesthetic and spiritual qualities of the area. With all these as the backdrop, the 8th International Conference on Traditional Forest Knowledge and Culture in Asia- Linking Biological and Cultural Diversity with Landscape Management will be held in Nanjing, China, 7-9 November 2015.

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